We are starting the New Year off with a new partnership with Northumbria University and we warmly welcome Robert Christie, Jody Fitzgerald, Jessica Wordsworth and James Crosby known collectively as JR Consultancy who will be supporting our Kites Rise project. Hear from JR Consultancy below:
 “We are JR Consultancy, a group of fourth year Business Studies students from Northumbria University who are currently collaborating with Carers Trust Tyne & Wear to carry out a feasibility study of Kites Rise. We aim to assist in profit generation and create awareness of the charity. We will be working with Carers Trust Tyne & Wear over the next 4 months with the hope of implementing helpful and beneficial strategies to improve the business productivity.
We look forward to working with Carers Trust Tyne & Wear”.
Please contact katherinenichols@carerstrusttw.org.uk if you would like to explore any future partnership working with our charity or go to Get Involved on our website and find out more. Getting your business or organisation involved  is a great way to give back and share your experience and skills to support  our charity.