Improve your health and wellbeing!

Are you a young carer aged 5-17 living in Gateshead?

We have fantastic news! Gateshead Council and Newcastle/Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group offer a grant to help you improve your health and wellbeing.

What can you use the grant for?

  • Take a break from caring: Theme park tickets, short breaks, etc.
  • Support your caring role: Equipment for hobbies, training courses, etc.
  • Boost your health and wellbeing: Gym memberships, relaxation therapies, etc.
  • Stay connected with loved ones: Mobile phones, internet access, etc.
  • Keep up with school/college: College books, driving lessons (with proof of continued payment), etc.

Grant details:

  • Maximum amount: £200 per young carer
  • Multiple applications from siblings considered (based on care level)
  • Payment: Online or bank transfer (vouchers for larger requests with proof of purchase)

Make a strong application

Clearly explain how the grant will benefit you in the “My Outcomes” section. Complete all service registration and consent forms before applying.

Need help?

Call us on 01207 549780 or email

Examples of approved uses:

  • Short Breaks & Leisure: Theme park tickets, bicycles, tents, sports equipment
  • Skills & Learning: Music lessons, college books, driving lessons (with proof)
  • Tech: Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, gym memberships
  • Health & Wellbeing: Relaxation therapies, hair/beauty treatments, bedroom makeovers
  • White Goods (limited): Washing machines or dishwashers (if they directly support your caring role)

Grant exclusions:

  • Breaks for others, travel expenses, household bills, daily living costs, international travel

We look forward to supporting you!

    Your application

    Your details

    The person you care for

    Your grant request

    Give as much detail as possible about what you are asking for. If you want us to purchase an item, tell us the name of the shop or seller and the product code if possible. If you’re applying for a membership or lessons, give us the details of the club or group, a contact name and information about how they accept payment. If you’re applying for a break or holiday, tell us the location and your dates of travel.

    My outcomes

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