The carer I want to refer doesn’t live in Gateshead but the person who has the care needs does. Can I still refer?

We can provide a service, but it would not be covered under our main contract with Gateshead Council. The carer would need to either pay privately or via a direct payment if they have an individual budget. If the person who needs attention resides outside of our area and you would still like to engage with our services, then feel free to contact us for more information.

Do you offer cleaning and help around the house?

A Care Service can include almost any task that enables the carer to have a break. A Care Coordinator will discuss this during an assessment in the home and negotiate a care plan with the family. Click here to read more about what our Care Service can offer.

The person with care needs doesn’t live in Gateshead. Can they still receive a service?

We can provide a service, but it would not be covered under our main contract with Gateshead Council. The carer would need to pay privately or via a direct payment if they have an individual budget.

At what age do you stop working with young carers?

We currently work with young carers until they reach 18. At some point after a young adult carer turns 17, we will offer them a Transition Assessment. This is an assessment of their needs as they become an adult and can include supporting them to access adult carer services.

What kind of support can you offer young carers?

We offer a range of support to young carers, including Young Carer Assessments; Transition Assessments; social activities; one-to-one and group emotional support; school drop-ins; practical workshops; access to funds; discount cards and newsletters. A young carer can be registered with the service and receive and assessment without having to access other parts of the service if they don’t want to. Click here to find out more about our services for young carers.

Are there any health conditions that you are unable to provide care for?

Every circumstance is assessed individually. There are no specific health conditions that we cannot support. However, we must assess the extent of care required and whether we have the capacity to provide it. We must also consider whether a person’s behaviour presents a danger to our staff.

How is the Care Service funded?

The Care Service is funded in several ways. We have a large contract with Gateshead Council to deliver carer relief services. We also deliver services based on individual small contracts with the Council. In some circumstances, a service may not be fully covered by our main contract but a social worker may apply for additional funds to pay for the service. If a person has chosen to have a personal budget from the Council, they can use this to pay for our services. Carers can also purchase our services privately.

Are there any age restrictions?

The Young Carer Service supports children and young people from age five until their 18th birthday. The Care Service can provide replacement care to give someone of any age a break from their caring role. While most people receiving this service are adults, we do provide care services to support young carers as well.

Can I make a referral on behalf of a carer?

Yes. Anyone can make a referral on behalf of a carer if they have their permission.

If you’re a parent/guardian and want to refer your child as a young carer, please make sure they’re happy for you to do this. We can’t provide a service to a child or young person who doesn’t want it.

In some circumstances, a young carer would like support but does not want their parent/guardian to know. This is not unusual. Illness and disability are very private issues for many families. Children and young people can feel like they are breaking someone’s trust to talk about it. We cannot register a child or young person for a service without their parent/guardian’s permission. In some circumstances we can arrange to visit them in school, or they could attend one of our school drop-ins. If you believe someone is a young carer, we will always encourage you to gain the parent/guardian’s permission. By doing so, you could be helping them to get the support they need as well.

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