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This month, our friend and supporter Nicola Curtin was recognised for her fantastic support for people in the North East, including young carers in Gateshead.

Nicola is a Professor of Experimental Cancer Therapeutics at Newcastle University and was part of a team that developed Rubraca, a breakthrough cancer treatment.

Nicola used the royalties she was awarded for developing the treatment to set up the Curtin PARP (Passionate About Realising your Potential) Fund at the Community Foundation in Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.

The fund supports local residents to achieve their aspirations. It particularly aims to help carers, black and minority ethnic people, disabled people, homeless people and people who are experiencing disadvantage that prevents them from realising their potential. Over the last three years, the fund has supported many of our young carers to realise their potential. It has helped them to purchase items such as laptops, professional cooking equipment, uniforms and sportswear, and paid for transport to attend training and useful equipment for starting university.

Over the last three years, the fund has supported many of our young carers to realise their potential

Nicola’s support has been life changing for young carers and has enabled them to work towards the career dreams.

Nicola received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Educate North Awards, recognising her career and philanthropy. You can see the moment she received the surprise award live on Smooth Radio HERE.

We’d like to congratulate Nicola for this award and say a huge thank you for the support that she’s given to us and young carers in Gateshead.

Nicola has been a huge support to ycs who otherwise would have struggled to access further ed and follow their career aspirations.

Carol Watson. Young Carer Service Lead.

While the world can feel bleak and challenging at times, people like Nicola make it feel much brighter.

If you’d like to know more about support available through the PARP Fund, you can read more on the Community Foundation website HERE.

If you’re a young carer living in Gateshead and would like support to achieve your career aspirations, you can get in touch with the Young Carer Service HERE.

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