What do Young Carers do?

What do Young Carers do?

Young Carers do more than just chores around the house. They help their loved ones with things like:

  • Daily tasks: Cooking, cleaning, shopping
  • Physical care: Helping someone get dressed or out of bed
  • Emotional support: Listening and talking to someone who is feeling down
  • Personal care: Helping with bathing, washing, or dressing
  • Managing the household: Handling finances, picking up prescriptions
  • Looking after siblings: Taking younger siblings to school, making sure they’re okay

Challenges Young Carers face

Being a Young Carer can be tough. Many Young Carers experience:

  • Stress and anxiety from balancing schoolwork, caring responsibilities, and their own well-being.
  • Social isolation because they don’t have as much time for friends and activities.
  • Health problems due to a lack of sleep and extra stress.
  • Difficulties in school from missing classes or struggling to focus.

Despite the challenges, Young Carers are also:

  • Compassionate and understanding
  • Resourceful and good at problem-solving
  • Responsible and mature
  • Strong and able to cope with difficult situations
Who are Young Adult Carers?

Who are Young Adult Carers?

Young Adult Carers are aged 16-25 and care for someone who is sick, disabled, or has a mental health condition or addiction. They may have been caring since they were younger, or it may be a new experience.

Similar to Young Carers, Young Adult Carers face challenges, including:

  • Balancing education, work, and caring responsibilities.
  • Feeling stressed and anxious.
  • Having trouble maintaining a healthy social life.

Young Adult Carers are also:

  • Dedicated and committed to their loved ones
  • Independent and resourceful
  • Resilient and strong

There are resources available to help!

No matter your age, if you’re a carer, you’re not alone.

How to request support

Simply complete our Care Service enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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