Take a break while they thrive

Take a break while they thrive

Our community-based services allow you to recharge while the person you care for enjoys enriching activities in their local community.

A dedicated Carer Support Worker helps them explore a variety of options, catering to different interests and abilities.

This could include anything from relaxing walks in the park and delicious outings to restaurants to fun bowling sessions, shopping trips for their needs or movie nights at the cinema to escape into a different world.

Joining social groups with shared interests provides a sense of connection and belonging, and exploring hobbies they love can be a source of joy and self-expression.

We cater to all

We cater to all

We provide services to clients of all ages, backgrounds, and situations. No matter their age, diagnosis, or personal circumstance, there are no limitations – with safety and flexibility assured.

We conduct thorough risk assessments prior to each activity, ensuring the person you care for participates safely. We’re flexible and tailor our services to what you and your family need most. This break allows you to recharge and continue caring with confidence.

How to request support

Simply complete our care service enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Care Service enquiry form

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